This website is dedicated to all seeking emotional, spiritual, mental, physical or financial healing for themselves and others. Each technique is dedicated to healing at the root or simplest level to be used by all. Each will work for shamans, masters, and those just trying to be fruitful and fulfilled in their own lives.

The Healing State is a state of consciousness...

The key to the Healing State is love coupled with the knowledge that everything in your world is affecting you. The actions and emotions that affect you positively are facets of infinite love. Those that affect you negatively are things that need to be healed and recreated. Knowing those actions, thought vibrations, foods energies, and the like can change our lives completely, directing us to make good choices. The vibration and energy of our thoughts are what attract the paths that we are presented. In order to have clearer paths and a better life, we need to be clearer with the consciousness that surrounds us.

The Healing State can be used consciously and unconsciously to heal yourself and others as you create your life. You were meant to enjoy all the moments of your life and allow yourself to heal simply. Using the Healing State of mind creates a mind-healing path to new creations of your own life.

The Healing State allows prophets or psychics to give well rounded, accurate, and positive intuitive readings—readings that are coming from a place of healing tend to be more positive and, like dream walking, are easily adjusted to change the flow of energies that encompass them. The Healing State keeps a spiritual and angelic flow of assistance that is harmonious for the people you are working on.

Energy Healing Therapy is the process of assisting the ego to purge itself of the thoughts and energies that have guided it off its path. When using the Healing State, a practitioner will use Energy Healing therapies as a guide to higher levels of consciousness, thoroughness, and overall success.

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